MICROSOFT SURFACE HELP-Will Microsoft Surface Change the Face of Mobile Video Conferencing?

Microsoft Surface Help

Microsoft surface tablet

Day-by-day the cell sector is growing and advancing all over the world. With the growth and advancement of the cell sector, each and every technology in the globe is becoming rewritten for Cellular. Nowadays, with better Smartphone, one can expect advancement to facilitate VOIP and conference calls.

With Microsoft announcing the launch of the Windows 8 based “Surface” tablet, a gap has been seen in the market. The demand for the tablet has soared in the customer market with Apple and Samsung being the major players, but within the enterprise market there has been little penetration. Blackberry and Cisco have both failed miserably with their Playbook and CIUS whilst Apple and Samsung still do not have the features being demanded by IT security and infrastructure departments. More info about the surface can be viewed on the Microsoft Surface Help page.

How Will Microsoft Value The Surface Area?

Including connectivity to video clip conferencing gateway will enable Floor to take part in video clip convention calls with any area dependent program, iPod, I phone, Desktop or even Mac both within and outside the organization. It is clear from the exterior design  to the magnetic cover of the Surface that Microsoft intend to go head to head with Apple but also providing some extras like USB 3 in the Pro version.

In the enterprise world, a new laptop,

better Smartphone

will the surface tablet blend?

for example, must work with existing management and security tools and it must be able to run the company’s existing applications. These are often internally developed applications designed to run on Windows. This will be the key to the success of Surface within the enterprise.

In order that the profiles can be extended to include “Surface” users, the Microsoft difference should allow enterprises to continue to use their same management tools and internal applications. But if “Surface” can’t be treated differently when compared to a laptop, the case for implementation can become more difficult or even worse.

The Surface will no doubt come with MS Lync embedded which will bolster Microsoft’s penetration into unified communications and videoconferencing. By far the majority of laptop users in the enterprise also have a desktop PC; it will be interesting to see the impact that Surface will have on traditional standalone video conferencing devices and on desktop video conferencing.

To have video conferencing running on Surface and remove the additional desktop appliances all together make more sense. Some companies prolonged the price of these conferencing methods by offering the choice of cellular conferencing.

For more info, you can visit Microsoft website and click Microsoft Surface Help tab.

Microsoft Galaxy Vs Galaxy Tablet



Microsoft Surface was earlier considered to be a multitouch based NUI device, but it was renamed later. With the release of the Microsoft Surface tablet PC, the battle with the Samsung galaxy Tablet rages on. Most Android fans prefer the Samsung Galaxy Tablet, the reason being its long battery life which includes both videos and music play. More information about the surface can be viewed on the Microsoft Surface help page.

Comparison on Microsoft Surface and Samsung Galaxy Tablet


The resolution for the Galaxy tablet is 1280×800 with 10.1 inch display whereas Microsoft Surface has 10.6 inches touch screen with 16:9 ratio.


Microsoft Surface weighs 2 pounds where as the Galaxy tablet weighs 1.24 pounds.


Galaxy Tab is 10.1.2 with dual core 1 GHZ ARM Cortex A9 Processor and the Microsoft Surface is with an ARM, Intel Processor with Nvidia Tegra 3.

Storage capacity

Microsoft Surface has up to 64 to 128 GB and the Galaxy tablet has up to 16 GB.


Galaxy tablet runs of Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich whereas Microsoft Surface runs on Windows 8 pro.

SD cards

Micro SD card support is included in both the devices.


User experience


Galaxy Tablet comes with a 3.15 MP camera with 1080p, 2048 x 1536 pixels with LED flash and auto focus, GEM tagging. The Surface’s Windows RT and Windows 8 Pro versions display screens will have 1080p and 720p resolution.


The price for the Surface will be from $199 to $250 and for Galaxy table will range from $199 to $250


The Samsung Galaxy tab is round in edges with a silver/ gray bezel outside whereas the Microsoft Surface has a magnesium case for tablet protection which is a unique feature.

USB Ports

The Microsoft Surface for Windows RT and Windows 8 Pro and Galaxy Tablet accept USB 2.0 devices as well as USB 3.0 ports.

Microsoft Surface is the next level tablet with unique features comparing with the other ones as it has light and thin features along with keyboard that serve as protective shield for the device. The tablet PC market is going to be revolutionized with the invasion of designed apps that are beneficial for the user’s interface. More information on the upcoming technology can be found on the Microsoft Surface help page on the website.

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Comparing Surface Tablet and Apple IPad

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more on Surface tablet


Microsoft Surface is the latest Gadget released by Microsoft to compete with the Apple IPad. Surface tablet has got may cool features in the design aspects. The best feature worth mentioning is the display interface. I love the clarity and the picture perfection of the 10.6 inch screen .But when it comes to the battery life of the product, it can’t surpass the performance of Apple IPad battery. Related articles are found in the Microsoft Surface Help topics.

According to the surveys conducted by a popular gadget magazine, the Surface tablets could not even come close to the battery life of the Macbook. It is quite evident that the Macbooks can be used for desktop purposes for long periods of time. The sad thing is that the Surface cannot be used for the desktop services as it is not loaded with a powerful battery.

Battery Power

We can calculate the power rating of the two products separately. The power rating of the Surface battery is very close to 31.5 watt-hours. Microsoft claims that the device can carry the charge for around 8 hours. But as per the latest user reports it can only manage around 7.5 hours.

But when analyze capabilities of Apple IPad, the IPad is loaded with a powerful 42 watt-hours battery that can work for more than 10 hours. I think this is the reason behind the success of the Apple IPad. A lot of people prefer Apple IPad due its long battery life. The battery life of Apple IPad is 25% more than that of the Surface tablet.

Surface features

Microsoft Surface Help, features

battery life of Surface

Microsoft Surface comes with two different variations, Surface and the Surface Pro. The former model is loaded with a Windows RT operating system, equipped with an ARM CPU. The Surface version is mainly intended for home use. Whereas, the surface Pro version is loaded with a Windows 8 Pro OS. It is equipped with an Intel operated CPU. The Surface Pro version is more inclined towards professional use.


When it comes to Macbook, Apple truly stands ahead of the Microsoft. The main attraction is the large screen that has got a dimension of more than 10.6 inches. The Macbook houses a powerful battery (35wh) that can work for around 5 hours after a single charge. It has got Wi-Fi capabilities too.

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Things About Tablets Running On Windows 8 Pro and Windows RT

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Windows 8 Pro and Windows RT

Microsoft has entered the market of tablet with Surface. As usual everyone never thought this would be a competitor to the other tablets in the market including iPad, but people started to change this idea as Microsoft introduced the function of attaching Keyboard and USB port. The Surface is now in two versions which are Surface and Surface Pro. The main difference between Surface and Surface Pro is that Surface will run on Windows RT operating system and also it uses ARM CPU, while Surface Pro runs on Windows 8 Pro operating system and also it uses as Intel CPU. The main differences between the two tablets as given by Microsoft Surface help team is as follows


  • The main difference between Windows 8 Pro and Windows RT is that Windows 8 Pro has Ivy Bridge processor whereas Windows RT only has Tegra 3 ARM architecture.
  • It is very difficult to read in Windows RT with 1365x768ppi but the Windows 8 Pro has Full HD with 1920×1080ppi. The similarity between both of these models is that they both have Clear Type HD display technology.
  • Windows 8 Pro has 13.5mm whereas Windows RT is about 9.3mm. Hence Windows RT is lighter when compared with the Windows 8 Pro.
  • Windows 8 pro has a better battery power when compared to that of the battery in Windows RT.
Windows 8 Pro

Things About Windows 8 Pro and Windows RT

These are the differences as pointed out by Microsoft Surface help team.

The other attractive accessory that comes with Surface is the Touch and Type cover. This is now proving to be the greatest advantage for a user who is trying out Surface. The advantage of using this cover is that it will be a protective sheet which is connected to the Microsoft Surface with the help of a magnetic strip. They also have pressure sensitive touch keys which enables the user to type faster than it used to be. Thereby making the work done on Surface will be a lot faster than it is supposed to be. They other advantage is that it also comes in many colors starting from pink to black. So users have the advantage of using any color which they want to use.

Concern about Microsoft Surface Tablet

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Microsoft Surface

Whatever be the products offered in the market, there is always a special space or stand for products offered by Microsoft among the millions of people, including me. I have heard one latest news regarding the new product launch by Microsoft, which is a tablet series named Microsoft Surface. But post launch news regarding the product is not desirable for a person like me who is damn waiting for Microsoft product. I am very much concerned about it. Read more…

Once More about Microsoft Surface

For your kind information let me tell you that Microsoft most awaited product, a brand new range of tablet series, “Microsoft Surface” is going to be launched soon. It will be released  in two versions: “Surface” and “Surface Pro” with a Microsoft Surface Help, a 24 hours online service. Microsoft has already announced it as a competitive object to the existing most popular iPad and Android tablets which are currently dominating the market.

Microsoft, who have been dominating in all other spheres of technology softwares, technology related products and other gadgets are very much eager to capture the tablet market which is comparatively a new outstretch for them. Anyhow, they have been very optimistic regarding the sales and market share they are going to get from the market as a whole.

Major concerns about Microsoft Surface

Earlier Microsoft announced the product with several benefits offered. Now they are bit confused regarding their promises over the product.

  • Wi-Fi connectivity will be available only at the launch period of Microsoft Surface, which is considered as faster than 3G and 4G. In the after phase, you will have to acquire a cellular data signal through a MiFi hotspot, USB dongle and the like. There is a concern in the mind of customers like me that even iPad could launch with 3G and WiFi models in 2010, then why can’t Microsoft Surface do the same?

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    Tablet Computers

  •  During the time of the announcements Microsoft had said that the tablet series will be coming out in two versions with a slightly affordable price difference. But in the latest press release it is seen that it will be very expensive which is difficult for us to bear, at any cost.
  • There is also a compromise made by Microsoft in the battery life of Surface. Earlier it was said that it will last more than 10 hours on a single charge. But now the least can be expected.

For more information, visit Microsoft website and click Microsoft Surface Help tab. Good luck.


Features of two surface models competitor

Windows 8


Microsoft Surface is one among the upcoming series of tablets designed and marketed by Microsoft. The sale of these tablets is mostly for customers Windows 8 Pro and Windows RT tablets. “Surface” and “Surface Pro” are the two versions of the Surface. The “Surface” model will support the Windows RT operating system and use as an ARM CPU. The “Surface Pro” will support the Windows 8 Pro operating system and use an Intel CPU. Any technical support or queries can be resolved with the online support on the Microsoft Surface help page.

Features of two Surface Models Competitors

Both tablets have hardware which is smooth and refined. The functioning of the tablet can be experienced on the hardware features like USB, memory card storage and video output. Another amazing feature is the keyboard kickstand combined with the unique cover. The kickstand can also be used as small laptop. Most consumers are waiting for the fully functional desktop considering the diverse features. The package is complete with Windows 8 Pro Surface that is offered with the tablets.

  • Removable rubber-type keyboards that will easily fold up to the keyboard is an exciting feature.

    Windows RT

    Surface Models

  • The weight of the Surface is comparatively not that light than other tablets
  • The wide storage capacity of 32 or 64 GB for Windows RT is another big feature.
  • The Surface Models have 10.6 inch screen size diagonally. When compared with Galaxy and I Pad the Surface has got a bigger screen size.
  • Micro SD cards can be used to increase the storage capacity on the Surface whereas an I Pad does not have any memory slots like this.
  • Microsoft Surface has two versions, one with the ARM chip and the other with Intel inside. This is the only way Microsoft can cater low as well as high end segments using the same operating system. Any further queries can be addressed on the Microsoft Surface help on the home website.
  • Effective acceptable USB ports which support USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 devices is another advantage.
  • The Surface RT and Windows 8 Pro are similar in nature but Microsoft Windows 8 pro has better features as it’s a an ultra book type laptop which is designed to squeeze into a tablet form.

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Can Microsoft Surface hope to stand against the Android Tablets?

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Microsoft surface features

A lot has changed since Microsoft released its new surface tablet. The open challenge that this tablet PC presents to the android tablets is unmistakable. To say the least, Microsoft has gone all out on this one to make a lasting impression on the tablet PC market, and considering their boasts about the Surface, they might do a good job of it. But then everyone thinks their product is the best, or at least they say it’s the best. But what the consumer must know is that when it gets down to the hardware part, they’re all the same. It’s the OS and the other software that set some Tablets apart.

Will the Microsoft Surface help in the competition against android?

The main reason behind there being such a high number of tablets that run Android is that it is the only OS that manufacturers can afford to load on their devices. The alternative would be to spend huge loads of cash on research to develop an OS of their own.

The Android OS can be used for free without fear of legal repercussions, as it is open-source. This is why the manufacturers of Tablet PCs choose this software to run on their devices, since most don’t have the expertise to develop similar solutions.

How can privatizing the production of Microsoft Surface help?

Microsoft Surface help, compatibility issues in surface

Microsoft surface sales

Since Android is free for all, Google mostly finds itself unable to customize the OS in favor of any particular brand or manufacturer. The basic workings of the software, although flexible, have to remain generic.

Microsoft has no such restraints, as their software was aimed at running their own products and no other. The best of the features the OS has to offer will not be held back because of compatibility issues in Surface tablets. There will also be dedicated software included with the OS.

The android tablets are what first removed the drab monotony of having only Apple products on the tablet market. Their presence provides consumers more options to choose form while purchasing a tablet PC. Many of these even outperform the iPad while staying in a similar or lower price range.

What we now need to wait for are the prices of the two versions of the surface tablet. Until then we’ll have to set aside judgment as to the best Tablet on the market.

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How the surface tablet could affect the market

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Windows Surface Sales

The hype following the announcement by Microsoft about their intended release of their own series of tablet PCs has not yet managed to die down. The Surface, as they call it, is aimed to help them contend with Apple for the seeming monopoly it holds over the tablet PC market with it iPad.

While the majority of analysts seem impressed by the features and options that the new product has to offer both in terms of operational capability and physical attractiveness, most remain critical as to the way it might affect Microsoft and their partners in the market. Here’s the essence of what they have to say.

How it could bode for Microsoft

Microsoft Surface help, Windows OS support

support for Surface

Will privatizing the production of the Microsoft Surface help in the long run?

It is well known that previously, Microsoft rarely ventured into the PC hardware market. In the past, they primarily relied on partners to market their products. Taking over the reins, however, enables them now to decide exactly how they want their product to come out.

What it could mean for Microsoft’s partners

With the decision to actually release their own devices, Microsoft stands the risk of driving away what partnerships they might have garnered. Manufacturers like Dell and HP that had partnered with Microsoft in the past, might see this as competition, especially in view of one of the OS giant’s tablet variants, which is aimed at replacing the ultrabook computer. If there’s competition added to the mix, then any lingering partnership would be fragile at best.

What the competitors should look forward to

The way in which the release of the surface tablet affects the competitors could very well depend solely on the price that Microsoft sets for it product. The best option for Microsoft would be to set the Windows RT version of the Surface tablet as competition for the iPad, with the higher and more heavily featured Windows 8 version vying for market supremacy against ultrabooks and the like, as it is purported to rival them in terms of features.

The other factor that may decide the turn of the tide is the Microsoft surface Help that will be provided to customers. If this any good as the Windows OS support, then competitors have cause to fret.

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Microsoft Surface, the New Step by Microsoft

Surface tablet

Microsoft Surface Tablets

Microsoft introduced surface computing which most of them thought was impossible. But they took the step and came up with 10.6 inch tablet. This tablet is designed and built by Microsoft. The added advantage of this step is that Microsoft owns licenses for both tablets and PCs.

Things about Microsoft Surface

There are basically two types of devices, one which has 1.49 pound slate for ARM chips which is loaded with Windows RT and the other being 1.99 pound tablet for Intel’s Ivy Bridge chips which is loaded with Windows 8. The advantage of both of these models is that they both are real thin models, they even have USB ports in it, and also they will be touch-friendly with the help of Microsoft’s Metro user interface. These models were designed by Microsoft so as to make the next version of Windows shine.

The main thing about Windows 8 includes a digitizer that detects when you use a digital pen and then for ink support it will turn off the touch display. The main difference in this model is that before when you used to use old tablet PCs there was a significant space or gap between the pens and so called digital paper. But in this model everything is changed, according to Microsoft surface help team there is only a gap of 0.7 millimeters between the pen and digitizer. By doing this you actually have the feeling of writing to the tablet. Things doesn’t stop there, there is an integrated kickstand and cover accessory which includes keyboards.

Microsoft surface help

New Step by Microsoft

There are many iOS apps that do bring out PC like productivity, but there are still many limitations for it. This isn’t the case when you consider Windows 8, they only have a fewer limitations and hence they find widespread appeal as it can be used in PC and tablet device. The other factor that Microsoft surface help team revealed is that the price of these models would be in such a way that it would be able to compare with the prices of Ultrabook. We can also get the high-resolution output onto a display.

Microsoft has taken a huge step by introducing surface, hope it pays off well and revolutionize computing industry. Let’s keep put fingers crossed.

Understanding the Advantages and Disadvantages of Microsoft

Surface Pro

Windows 8

Microsoft Surface is an upcoming series of tablets designed and marketed by Microsoft. There are two versions for the surface, “Surface” and “Surface Pro”. The “Surface” will run the Windows RT operating system and use an ARM CPU. The “Surface Pro” model will run the Windows 8 Pro operating system and use an Intel CPU. Advantages of Microsoft Surface • Surface Pro runs Windows 8: It should be able to run almost all applications including full versions of Microsoft Office and also demanding applications like Adobe Photoshop. • Awesome Touch cover and Type cover: The covers are one of a kind and are pretty unique. • The surface has expansion slots: Both Surface devices will have a micro SD slot. The surface RT will get a normal USB port while the Surface Pro will get a USB 3.0 port plus a mini display port for external monitors. • The surface has a wide HD display: Correct aspect ratios for displaying movies without letter boxing. • Great built-in kickstand: The surface definitely looks promising. Disadvantages of Microsoft Surface • Microsoft Surface for Windows RT will not run on your desktop apps: Consumers will not know about this before the purchase but it will not run on desktop apps on Windows RT.

Microsoft surface

Windows RT

• Windows RT Developer support is unknown: The apps available at launch, the number of apps, the platform of comparison is unknown. • Price is high: The Surface will not be cheaper than an I Pad. The devices might be dead at arrival if the Microsoft Surface price is too high. The RT version of the Surface should be priced near the I Pad and higher end Android Tablets. If it’s expensive enough then Microsoft might lose a lot of customers when it comes to Microsoft Surface help items. But it will sell as long as it performs well. The price will definitely depend if the Pro will be a consumer device or a high-end device for business and tech geeks. We can also view more about this on the Microsoft Surface help on the website. • The Surface will be a heavy device: While the Surface RT is on par with the heavy I Pad 3G, the Surface Pro will be even heavier. • The Surface doesn’t have built-in 3G/4G connectivity: this is a minor con as it’s a temporary one. An air card will be an option but it’s a doubt if the RT can support the same. By checking these facts, most of the issues will be addressed.